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Member in good standing since: Oct. 16, 2001
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Adam "NEWBIE" Albright
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Name: Adam "NEWBIE" Albright 
*Country: U.S.A.
*Category: (List all that apply tape, cdr, video, or other) CDR
*E-mail address and/or online trade list URL: 
Do you want to receive feedback from others?  Yes
Trade Policy: very flexible
Other artists I trade: none
I'm looking for: Genuine Bootleg Series, 1965 Revisited, Dylan-Cash sessions, Freewheelin', Bringing It, Highway, Blonde, Blood outtakes


My Trade Policy:

very flexible


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Feedback for This Trader:
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1) I just completed a 12 disc trade with Adam 'Newbie' Albright,
and the trade was completed without a hitch. 

2) I've dealt positively with this trader: 
I am a 'newbie' and I e-mailed Adam about a Rolling 
Thunder show to do a B&P, he just sent it to me plus he threw in a bunch of 
other shows (maybe the holiday spirit?!) and the Rolling Thunder show!  Very 
cool guy that I'm going to repay for his generosity, and to top it off, they 
all arrived on Christmas Eve! 
Letting you know of the good vibe traders out there and there are plenty 
more, more good than bad! 

3) I just completed a trade with Adam. The trade went 
without a hitch. I hope to trade with him in the near 
future. If you can, setup a trade with this guy. 
Thanks for everything, Adam 
John Hannaway

4) Adam Albright is a very reliable and courteous trader
Chuck Feltch

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I'm Looking For:

Genuine Bootleg Series
Dylan-Cash sessions
1965 Revisited
Freewheelin', Bringing It, Highway, Blonde, & Blood outtakes

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Other Artists I Trade:

No Other

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