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*Name: Billy Edmasiton 
*Country: USA 
*Category: (List all that apply tape, cdr, video, or 
other) CDRS 
*E-mail address: thecowboyangelrides@yahoo.com 
Online trade list URL: 
Do you want to receive feedback from others? Yes 
Trade Policy: No MP3,Media is not an issue,DAO is a 
I'm looking for: Anything Dylan 
Other artists I trade: Just Dylan


My Trade Policy:

No MP3
Media is not an issue
DAO is a must! 


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1) I would just like to leave some feedback on Billy Edmaiston, as I have traded with him many times
(usually at least once, or even twice a week)
Billy has always been very pleasant, courteous, and always keeps you informed as to the status of the trade. 
I have never had a problem, or was unhappy with our trading. In my honest opinion, Billy is an excellent trader. 
Paulie Best

2) Great Trader!  A plesure to deal with! Prompt and courteous! 
Adam Blaylock

3) Billy offered to do some B&Ps on the dylantree site. I accepted his offer. 
In the mean time, I posted an ISO a couple of shows. 
He emailed me offering to B&P for these shows as well. 
What a nice guy!  The CDs were burned and back to me in a very short time!  Thanks Billy!

4) I have traded with Billy Edmaiston numerous times over the last 18 months, and he has always been prompt and conscientious in his trading.  In addition, Billy is one of the few (Paulie Best included) traders who generously offers up B+P's for the recent highly sought after shows in an effort to get the music to as many people as soon as possible, without thinking of what he can get in trade for himself.  I highly recommend Billy Edmaiston, and consider him a big credit to the Dylan trading community. 
Ken Davis 

5) I met Billy through the dylanpool site and share his devotion to tracking down and passing around good music. Have dealt with him on a few occasions and always get my discs posted within a day or two of agreeing on the trade. The only thing better than the way he treats his trades (like they are important to YOU too) is the stuff he had to trade. 
Marcel Levesque

6) I set up a small trade with Billy a few months ago. Since then we have shared a lot of music. I say shared rather than traded because with Billy that's what it is. It's about sharing the music rather than ensuring that he's going to get something equal in return. This has been evidenced not only in my personal dealings with him but also by the numerous freebie offers I've seen him post at Dylanpool, and not just any freebies either, the newest and the hottest and the most in demand shows. If you trade with Billy you will not be disappointed and you will be doing the entire community a favor by ensuring that the music gets to someone who will pass it around. 

7) Lightning fast trade. Very friendly and generous with requests. 
Not to mention an incredible show list and web site. A true asset to the Dylan trading community!
Thanks again. 

8)  I am brand new at this. I had one other dealing with somebody else, and it did not go well. 
I thought I would give it another try.  Billy made my next experience very enjoyable. 
Concerts were excellent, and he went out of his way with his experience and knowledge. 
It's nice to know there are still nice people who go out of their way to help others. 
Randy  W

9) Billy did a b&p for me of a show I had attended in 93. 
He was prompt, and e-mailed appropriate status info etc.  He seems to be a real nice guy. 

10) I have traded with Billy, and received a couple of freebies from him. He 
always has quality shows and mails them out quickly. I consider him a real 
asset to the Dylan trading community and would trade with him again without 
hesitation! Thanks Billy!  
11) Let me say that Billy is one of the nicest guys, and best traders I have ever come across.  He will bend over backward to make sure that he gets the shows back to you in a timely manner and will also go out of his way to track down hard to find shows that nobody else can get.  What a pleasure to deal with, and a huge asset to not only fellow traders but the entire Dylan community.  Plus, on top of that...he is a good old Tennessee Home boy!  The Cowboy Angel Rocks!!!  I highly recommend Billy. He is most efficient and courteous.
 Kevin   < alibi from the Dylan Pool

12) I've known Billy for several years now and have traded with him many times. Billy is very knowledgeable about Dylan and has an excellent reputation as a trader. Through my experiences trading with Billy, I have found him to be very prompt and efficient. I am looking forward to trading with Billy in the future.

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I'm Looking For:

Anything Dylan

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Other Artists I Trade:

No other

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