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Bob T. Guevara

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Date submitted: Monday, April 14, 2003 
Time: 6:48 PM EST 
Name: Bob T. Guevara
e-mail: graf_tiger@ilnet.ch
Country: Swizerland
siteURL: http://www.one-eyed-jacks.ch.vu (new update as of 10/10/03)
feedback?: yes I trade: CD-r
Trade_Policy: friendly and fair trading :-) 
looking_for: All early Dylan-stuff, especially "I was so much younger then". 
But I trade also every other Dylan-bootleg, if I haven't it, or another realese of the same show alredy. 
Other_artists: none 
found_you: Search Engine 
Requested trade: Minnesota Tapes 3 cdr set
Date: Thursday, February 6, 2003
Updates: Oct. 10 2003>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
My Trade Policy: 
 friendly and fair traiding :)! 
Please see details on my website ( 
 I'm Looking For: 
 "All recordings of Dylan in circulation (far or not ;)) that I haven't yet. I like especially the early '60 stuff." 
 Other Artists I Trade: 
 - Woody Guthrie 
- Johnny Cash 
(I haven't yet much of them, but I hopte, it'll become more) 


My Trade Policy:

friendly and fair trading :-)
Please see the details on my website  here


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1) A wonderful trader! Great quality discs, and very well done track lists. 
Quick to ship out items! Recommended!!!
Lissa / bobsboots.com

2) Great trader! Sent me the CDs quickly, and provided the tracklists as well. I recommend him!!! 

3)  A very nice trader! You can trust him. Great sound quality discs and, burned very well. 
cristian pigaiani

4) Great trader! Recommended! 
 Johan Agborg

5) A great trader! Swift, generous and all. Besides, his job on the Early Recordings is very useful.
Trust him. Thanx, Bob T!
Henry Meyer, Lausanne, Switzerland

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I'm Looking For:

All recordings of Dylan in circulation (far or not ;)) that I haven't got yet. I especially like the early '60 stuff 

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Other Artists I Trade:

- Woody Guthrie 
- Johnny Cash 
(I haven't yet much of them, but I hope, it'll become more) 

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