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Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Time: 11:16 PM EST

Name: Bridget
e-mail: bhelgoth01@yahoo.com
Country: USA
siteURL: www.tapercities.com/Highway61/bhelgoth/dylanboots.html
ID: xxxxxxxxxx (hidden)
feedback?: yes
I trade: CD-r, Video, other
other: SHN, FLAC
Trade_Policy: Basic trading rules: burn DAO, use quality media, protect discs well in the mail, be kind, have fun, and keep spreading the music!
looking_for: Any Dylan boots that I don't have!
Other_artists: Many others, but mainly Wilco, Guster, Neko Case, Nickel Creek & Glen Phillips.
found_you: Search Engine 
Comment: I *heart* Bob's boots!!!


My Trade Policy:

Basic trading rules:
burn DAO
use quality media
protect discs well in the mail
be kind, have fun, and keep spreading the music!


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1)  Bridget is a wonderful, refreshingly  energetic trader that has gone far out of her way to help others.
She has an incredible list of Dylan, and a mind blowing list of every other artist known to music.
Lissa bobsboots.com
2)  Just received Bridget's package. Quality discs are perfectly recorded, and arrived super quick. What a Pro!
Harold @ bobsboots.com

3)  I just wanted to leave some positive feedback for Bridget.  She helped me
get established at bobsboots.com.  She used quality discs, shipped fast, and
was a pleasure to trade with.  Thanks again Bridget!

4)  I completed a trade with Bridget a little while ago. The communication was
excellent and the turnaround time was very prompt. In addition to her large
Dylan collection, she also has a nice selection of other artists. Through
talking to her she was able to put me on to a new artist and some very nice
shows in addition to the Dylan I traded for. Bridget is a quality person and a quality trader!

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I'm Looking For:

Any Dylan boots that I don't have! 

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Other Artists I Trade:

Many others, but mainly Wilco, Guster, Neko Case, Nickel Creek & Glen Phillips

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