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Name: Chris La Bianca 
Category: cdr 
E-mail address: webmaster@InfinityOnTrial.com 
URL:  http://www.InfinityOnTrial.com 
Yes, i wanna receive feedback from other 
Trade Policy: brand name cd-r's and i will help newbie by doing b&p.  I 
can't do artwork sorry. 
Other artists I trade: Willing to trade dylan for any other artists 
I'm looking for: Nothing specific 


My Policy:

Brand name cd-r's and, i will help newbies by doing b&p. 
I can't do artwork...  sorry.


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Feedback for This Trader:

If you have had dealings with this trader,
drop us an email to let us know how it went.
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1) Chris helped tremendously during a recent trade.
He went the extra mile and beyond to make it happen.

2) Chris was incredibly fast at getting the trade to me, and helped me out a lot.
(even though I didn't have the CD's/tapes he was looking for. 
Thanks again Chris! 

3) This trader is timely, trustworthy, and friendly. Recommended.
Chris Elliott

 4) I just want to thank Chris for providing a newbie such as I with 3 excellent Dylan shows. 
Much appreciation, 
Cliff  Kapitsky

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I'm Looking For:

Nothing Specified

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Other Artists I Trade:

Willing to trade dylan for any other artists

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Complaint 11/05/01
David Longstaff

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