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*Name: Christopher Bullock 
*Country: United States 
*Category: (List all that apply tape, cdr, video, or other) CD-R 
*E-mail address:  csbullock@insightbb.com 
Online trade list URL: http://www.geocities.com/csbullock_geo/dylan.html 
Do you want to receive feedback from others?  Yes 
Trade Policy: 1-1 or special arrangement.  I try to use Mitsui cd-r's 
whenever possible. 
I'm looking for: Anything I don't have that is good quality 
Other artists I trade:  The Beatles (and related) , Indigo Girls, Grateful 
Dawg (Jerry Garcia and David Grisman), Wilco, etc. (Contact for other 


My Trade Policy:

1-1 or special arrangement. 
I try to use Mitsui cd-r's whenever possible. 


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1) Fast and smooth transaction. Great quality recording. Recommended!
Candy bobsboots.com

2) Christopher has gone out of his way once again to show himself among the 
best traders at bobsboots.com. My highest recommendations!!! 00000
Lissa bobsboots.com  

3) Chris did an excellent job helping me get started. 
He made some wonderful suggestions and kept me updated throughout the transaction.

4) Chris has helped me get started in the trading business. 
He is very generous and I highly recommend him!

5) One of the discs on our trade gave him problems (not all tracks would extract)...
so he added a couple of bonus discs for me....It would not have mattered to me and I did not ask , 
but it was a nice touch. Hopefully we will trade again. 
John Hanley

6) I have just completed a trade with Christopher Bullock.
Excellent communication, quality discs and a quick turnaround! 
Christopher is a quality trader and I highly recommend him to other traders.

7) I just wanted to leave some feedback for Chris. He did everything you would
hope and expect a trader to do, and went "above and beyond" as well.
I look forward to trading with him again, and strongly recommend him to all


7) Christopher turned up a quality show and even mailed some extra blanks.
Very generous and highly recommended.
C Johnson

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I'm Looking For:

Anything I don't have that is good quality

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Other Artists I Trade:

The Beatles (and related)
Indigo Girls
Grateful Dawg (Jerry Garcia and David Grisman)
Wilco, etc. (Contact for other artists) 

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