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Chuck Feltch

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Name:Chuck Feltch 
Address: ********* South Boston,Ma 02127 
Cdr trading is my request. 
artist:Bob Dylan


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None Specified


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Feedback for This Trader:

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1) I had a great experience trading with Chuck. 
I will not hesitate to trade with him anytime in the future.
Jerry Spanbauer

2) I recently completed a trade with Chuck. He has Quality stuff. He's Quick and reliable. Looking foward to our next trade. 
John Hannaway

3)  I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for setting me up as a trader on bobsboots.com.  I have copied all the traders I have dealt with and want to thank them all again. I have met so many wonderful traders on this site and within a five week period I have been able to get over 40 CD's.  Uri from Italy was great to deal with and I see that he has recently joined up - welcome to a great site, Uri.  Steve (e-mailed to Sheehy) sent me a couple of shows without anything in return, Nick Rogers was good enough to do some B&P, Michel and Daniel (also from Europe) were great to deal as was fellow Canuck, Jonathan Waller and I can't say enough about Chuck Feltch from the US who has helped me with artwork and traded me 20 CD's (more than I sent him).  
Thanx again to the webmaster for all your good work and all the traders I've met. 
Best Regards, 

4)  I recently completed a trade with Chuck and it was a very positive, rewarding experience. His communication skills are excellent. He sought out and found several other discs we needed to complete our trade. He helped me locate cover art and additional information for some of the discs I traded for. The discs sent were well recorded and were sent in a timely manner. I would welcome another trade with Chuck and would encourage other traders to contact him as well!

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I'm Looking For:

Nothing Specified

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Other Artists I Trade:

Van Morrison
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Steely Dan
The Band

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