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Darren Smith
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*Name: Darren Smith
*Country: England 
*Category:   CDR
*E-mail address:  darren@dmsmith.freeserve.co.uk
Online trade list URL: 
Do you want to receive feedback from others? Yes 
Trade Policy: I don't use covers 

I'm looking for: Anything 

Other artists I trade: Springsteen, The Band, Van Morrison, Beach Boys, Steve Earle, Elvis, etc. 


My Trade Policy:

I don't use covers


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Re: complaint on Darren Smith 
from:    Stephen Winter  ( DEAR@prudence.freeserve.co.uk )

Being a genuine Dylan fan and wanting to try and get some real gems purely for my own personal  enjoyment that I have never heard before I entered into a dialogue with him and he sent me a list of stuff saying thah he would put them on to cd providing I sent him postage and packing. I sent him a cheque for £2 together with 10 cds minus the jewel cases. 

Since then I've written to him but still have not received these cds. (copy my e- mails on file at bobsboots)
I know that legally there is nothing I can do, and like me he was in a position a year ago apparently with nothing to 
trade;: people sent him stuff and then he built up his collection. 

bobsboots.com has tried numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact Darren Smith

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I'm Looking For:


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Other Artists I Trade:

The Band
Van Morrison
Beach Boys
Steve Earle

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