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*Name: Ed Ribbink 
*Country:The Neterlands 
*Category: CD-r or cassette tape 
*E-mail address:ed.ribbink@nps.nl
AND: ed.ribbink@planet.nl 

Online trade list URL: 
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Trade Policy: 
I'm looking for: Dylan/Gillian Welch/Ryan Adams , I want only CD-R's without slip cases but 
with artwork, preferably full colour, I reciprocate with the same 1 cd for 1 
cd more or lessOther artists I trade: I have to offer the following C-R's: 

(titles deleted)

ED Ribbink's Bootlegs on CD-R 

Ryan Adams The Clash Slaid Cleaves Elvis Costello Iris Dement Steve Earle John Fogerty Grateful Dead Golden Smog Green on Red Emmylou Harris John Hiatt The Jayhawks Kaukonen & Danko Alison Krauss Little Feat Buddy Miller John Prine Bruce Springsteen Richard Thompson Gillian Welch & David Rawlings Tony Joe White Wilco Lucinda Williams Neil Young 

I also trade covers of songs by bob Dylan


My Trade Policy:

I want only CD-R's without slip cases but with artwork, 
preferably full colour, I reciprocate with the same 1 cd for 1


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1) Great trade from across that lonesome ocean
Candace bobsboots.com

2) A good & fast and reliable trader. Recommended! 

3) I had several trades with Ed. All good & fast. terrific communication. 
Reliable trader. 
Willem Desmense

4) Very fast trader, good communication and very helpfull. Great list with wide range of various artists. 
Rob Velthuis 
5) It was nice trading with Ed
Marc from Newscasters

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I'm Looking For:

Dylan/Gillian Welch/Ryan Adams

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Other Artists I Trade:

I also trade other artists' cover versions of Dylan songs
Ryan Adams 
The Clash 
Slaid Cleaves 
Elvis Costello 
Iris Dement 
Steve Earle 
John Fogerty 
Grateful Dead 
Golden Smog 
Green on Red 
Emmylou Harris 
John Hiatt 
The Jayhawks 
Kaukonen & Danko 
Alison Krauss 
Little Feat 
Buddy Miller 
John Prine 
Bruce Springsteen 
Richard Thompson 
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings 
Tony Joe White 
Lucinda Williams 
Neil Young 

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