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*Name: Elmar 
*Country: Austria 
*Category: cdr 
*E-mail address: elmar_kr@hotmail.com 
Online trade list URL: http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/dylantrade 
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Trade Policy: See http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/dylantrade 
I'm looking for: See http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/dylantrade 
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My Trade Policy:

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1) just to let you know that i recently had a trade with a bobsboots trader. 
a guy from austria called elmar. a 6 disc trade! got my discs as fast as an inter-european
mailing could be, and all in tip top condition. an excellent trader as far as i'm concerned. 
marc seal (UK)

2) I traded with Elmar in March 2003.
It was a very quick 8 disk swap, and Elmar delivered just perfectly! 
Adam in Poland

3) I want to comment on a trader, named Elmar from Austria. 
I´ve traded once with Elmar, and it was a good trade. 
He was well on time, and with high quality CDR´s. His trading list is very 
good, with information on flaws (if there are any) of the CDR´s, so you know 
what you are getting back. 
Very good trader IMHO and I´m looking for a trade with him again soon. 
Hoskuldur Bui Jonsson   Iceland

4) Elmar is a great guy to trade with - I recently made a b&p with him, and he 
is very generous> Communication was very good, and everything went easy. 
I recommend him very much for trading... 

5) It's a pleasure to trade with Elmar - he's fast, quality minded and communicative!
 Ismo Eriksson

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I'm Looking For:

Please see my Webpage

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Other Artists I Trade:

Lou Reed etc. 
Please see my Website 

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