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Name: Fishguy 
e-mail: fishguy5000@hotmail.com 
Country: USA 
siteURL: http://www.geocities.com/jcsaunders@sbcglobal.net/ 
ID: JS13542 
feedback?: yes 
I trade: CD-r 
Trade_Policy: The usual rules apply.  Please no TAO or mp3 recordings. 
looking_for: Cowboy Angel Blues, some Crystal Cats 
Other_artists: Beach Boys, Elvis Costello, lots of others 
found_you: Friend gave me link

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2003 


My Trade Policy:

The usual rules apply. 
Please no TAO or mp3 recordings


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1)  Fishguy is super quick with getting discs burnt and mailed! Great quality disc and sound, and attention to detail.
Highly recommended. 00000
Lissa bobsboots.com

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I'm Looking For:

Cowboy Angel Blues, some Crystal Cats 

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Other Artists I Trade:

Beach Boys
Elvis Costello
lots of others

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