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My Policy:

1) Trades are 1 for 1, of course. 
2) Only use CDRs that you would use for your personal use. 
3) Be sure to use 80min CDRs for discs that will not fit on a 74 min CD. 
Do not cut any songs to fit on a 74 min CD. 
4) Check all discs before they are sent off to make sure there are no 
scratches on the disc and that all the tracks were burned.
(This again, helps us both.) 
5) Burn at DISC-AT-ONCE. 


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Feedback for This Trader:
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drop us an email to let us know how it went.

1) I had a 10 cd-r trade that went very well. Quick, with links to cover sites or else 
scans as an attachment. 
A friendly guy.

2) I had a very good trade running with Frank. 
It was a really good trade in  every way. 

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I'm Looking For:

Any recording not on my list

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Other Artists I Trade:

Mainly Dylan, but other artist welcome 

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