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My Policy:

Please just use quality cd'r discs. 
I use Kodak Gold and Silver. 
I can trade with or without artwork 
The contents of my list is just Bob Dylan Bootlegs. Most of the titles are 
originally boots. But I'm trying to start a collection of rare Gratefull 
Dead cd's. So if you want to trade Dylan for Dead it will suite me fine. 


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Feedback for This Trader:

If you have had dealings with this trader,
drop us an email to let us know how it went.

1) In the last weeks, I have had the opportunity to interact several times on 
Bob Dylan's matter with Frank Justesen from Denmark, who I did'nt know 
I am very happy to report that I have always experienced very good trading 
relationships with him. I must recognize he is highly competent, 
professional, and responsive also to questions and requests that might be 
somewhat naive. I recommend him to everybody. 

Best regards, 

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I'm Looking For:

Good live or studio recordings with Bob Dylan

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Other Artists I Trade:

The Grateful Dead - live or rare studio recordings

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