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My Policy:

 I prefer to trade for CDRs, but will trade other formats if 
necessary. Brand-name media only. I have artwork for most of my CDRs.
I will send full-color print-outs if I receive them from you. 
I'm very easy-going, I enjoy good audience recordings as much as soundboard.
I don't worry much at all about generation information as long as the recording is a 
good listen. I'll give an (objective) sound rating when possible.


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Feedback for This Trader:

If you have had dealings with this trader,
drop us an email to let us know how it went.

1) I traded with Glenn, and it was fast, informative, pleasant. Excellent. 

Chris Elliott

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I'm Looking For:

The very elusive Dylan gigs from Mexico and Central America. 
They're out there somewhere!

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Other Artists I Trade:

Grateful Dead
Led Zeppelin

See my web site  for more

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