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Name: John Hannaway 
*Country: USA 
*Category: (List all that apply tape, cdr, video, or 
other) CDR 
*E-mail address and/or online trade list URL: 
Do you want to receive feedback from others? yes 
Trade Policy: One for one trades, Name brand cdr's. No 
mp3 sourced discs. No jewel cases ,paper protective 
sleeves are fine. Leave feedback.. 
Other artists I trade: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil 
Young, CSNY, Elvis Costello, Allman Brothers, Phil 
Hot Tuna 
I'm looking for: Paradise Hawaiian, 
Wembley Arena 2000, Final night and more,Gaslight 
Tapes, Finjan Club, Border Beneath the sun, Ring them 


My Trade Policy:

One for one trades
Name brand cdr's
No mp3 sourced discs
No jewel cases (paper protective sleeves are fine). 
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Feedback for This Trader:
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1) Just got done w/my first trade w/John.
He's very prompt and responsible. 
It's a pleasure to deal with folks like him.
I'll definitely contact him to trade again!
Brian DeRoo

2) I just finished my first trade with John. 
Everything went very smoothly. 
I hope to trade with him again. 
Karl Meyer

3) John Hannaway is a terrific trader. 
He made things simple (I'm a pretty new trader) and helped me greatly. Told the complete truth. 
One of the people that makes a system like this at bobsboots.com work as well as it does.

4) I recently completed my first trade with John. 
I'm a new trader, and John made it easy for me. 
The trade proceeded quickly, there were no problems, and I received high-quality material. 
I would certainly trade with John again. 
Barclay Green

5) I've traded a couple of times with John, and as good as his list is, he's an even better trader. For anybody who's just getting started or has been slingin' discs for awhile, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with him - he's fast, communicative and honest. 

6) I set up my first trade with John. Communication throughout the process made 
this a very easy and successful trade.  I would highly recommend a trade with John. 
Jim Russell

7) I'd like to highly recommend John Hannaway as a Bobsboots Trader
He's a pleasure to deal with, and lightning fast too!  
 Charles Feltch

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I'm Looking For:

Wembley Arena 2000
Final night and more
Border Beneath the sun
Ring them Bells

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Other Artists I Trade:

Rolling Stones
Neil Young
Elvis Costello
Allman Brothers
Phil Lesh 
Hot Tuna 

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