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John Murray

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Name: John Murray
e-mail: jacksnest@bigpond.com 
Country: Australia 
feedback?: yes 
I trade: CD-r 
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None specified


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 1) Excellent to trade with 
 John Davies

 2) Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the trading experience I had with John. 
He generously helped start my collection; and was prompt, very professional and maintained regular 
e-mail contact. Very positive all 'round. 
 Peace, Jay  
3) John has been so kind in trading so many times and for so many Bob Dylan shows with me.
Extremely highly recommended.  
Eric LeSard
4) I have traded with John Murray for more than a year now and cannot recommend him highly enough.
He always displays a friendly, positive and helpful attitude that sums up what trading is all about.
I have no hesitation in recomending him to all.
Rowland Ford


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Nothing specified

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