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Date: Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Time: 6:10 PM EST

Name: MTH
e-mail: markhuls9@hotmail.com
Country: USA
ID: xxxxxxxx (hidden)
feedback?: yes
I trade: CD-r
looking_for: Bobsboots.com "Must Haves" (Specifically 70's-present)
St. Paul MN, 10-25-01
Glasgow Scottland, 06-24-04
Also looking for traders that are willing to help this "newbie" out.
found_you: Link from another site


My Trade Policy:

-Always burn CDs DAO
-Please use DVD-R when burning DVDs
-I usually will send out discs within 1 or 2 days of agreement, please do the same
-Please do not on write on discs
-I do not provide artwork.
-Please mail discs in sleeves, one per disc whenever possible
-Have fun, share the music!
-Keep good communication throughout the trade.


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Feedback for This Trader:
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1)  MTH seems a genuinely sincere and honest trader.
He used great communication, and was super quick in burning and mailing trade item.

Lissa bobsboots.com

2)  Recently I was contacted by new Bob's Boots member MTH. His e-mails were friendly and he willingly found some information that I'd asked for prior to completing our agreement to trade. He follows all the usual trading practices. The turnaround time was excellent. He used quality discs and the discs were mailed in their own sleeves with all the set list information included. This was a quick, easy and pleasant trading experience. Well Done!

3)  Serious and fast. Good communication too.
MTH has a very short list, but  trust him and help him grow it... he deserves it!

Henry Meyer, Switzerland

4)  I had a terrific trade experience with MTH. 
Great communication, super fast, high quality. 
He did everything you would hope and expect a trader to do, and went "above and beyond" as well.
I look forward to trading with him again, and strongly recommend him to all


5)  Just completed a nice, smooth trade with MTH.  He's a friendly guy and a
reliable trader.  Like another member said, he doesn't have a big list yet,
but he's sure got the right attitude to get one!
Jon. Waller
6)  Helped me with my first trade and was a really great guy!
Even sent me extra c.ds to help get me going! Great stuff, thanks again!

adam clarke
7)  I recently completed a trade with MTH and found him to be fast and
courteous.  Mark had forgotten to tell me about a situation with one of my
selections so he included an additional show, which, while unnecessary, was
extremely generous.  Mark also maintained great communication and kept me up
to date throughout our trade.  I would highly recommend him to any trader.

Christopher Bullock
8)  Great trader, quick and friendly!

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I'm Looking For:

Usually open to anything.

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Other Artists I Trade:

Eric Clapton
Jimi Hendrix
Stevie Ray Vaughan

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