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*Name: Malcolm
*Country: England
*Category: (List all that apply tape, cdr, video, or 
other) CDr, video (PAL) 
*E-mail address:  barsown@yahoo.com 
Online trade list URL: 
Do you want to receive feedback from others?  Yes 
Trade Policy: DAO, No artwork (though i can give directions...)
I'm looking for: Anything interesting 
Other artists I trade: Tom Waits, John Cale, Neil 
Young, Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Garcia and more... 


My Trade Policy:

No artwork (though i can give URL address directions...)


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1)  As a newcomer to bootlegs, I have called upon B&P traders to get me started. I would like to extend my full and sincere thanks to Malcolm. He has sent me some great stuff and even an added bonus. Thanks for being so cool, Malcolm.  
Trojan Grope

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I'm Looking For:

Anything interesting

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Other Artists I Trade:

Tom Waits
John Cale
Neil Young
Bruce Springsteen
Jerry Garcia
and more...

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