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*Name: Michal 
*Country: Czech Republic 
*Category: CDr 
*E-mail address: myplzak@volny.cz 
Online trade list URL: http://jarov.zizkov.cz/art.asp?id=106 
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Other artists I trade: Neil Young, Patti Smith, Pearl Jam, Van Morrison, 
Jeff Buckley... 


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1) Michal is one of the finest traders I know. 
I've traded several times with him, and never had any problem. 
Dirk De Coster

2) A great trader who uses quality discs, and records, packs, and mails like a pro. 
Webby - bobsboots.com

3) A good trader. Recommended.
Herman Tulp

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I'm Looking For:

Nothing Specified

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Other Artists I Trade:

Neil Young
Patti Smith
Pearl Jam
Van Morrison
Jeff Buckley... 

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