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Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 
Time: 5:36 PM EST 
Subject: I'm joining as a new trader 
Name: Per Norstrom 
e-mail: per.norstrom@chello.se 
Country: Sweden 
feedback?: yes 
I trade: CD-r 
Trade_Policy: Standard rules 
looking_for: Good quality Dylan boots that I don´t have 
The Band boots 
Other_artists: The Band 
found_you: Search Engine


My Trade Policy:

Standard rules


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1) Per is a pleasure to trade with.
Very quick to ship, corteous, very reliable and quality-minded.
I shared a lot of music with him. 
He's also some Sherlock Holmes when it comes to digging up cover artwork from the internet.
Thanks a lot, man!!
Herman Tulp Bobsboots member Netherlands 

2) Per is a good trader and a very nice person. 

3) I have traded with Per many CD's.  It's very nice, and very quick,  to trade with him. 
I recomend him to all the bobsboots.com traders. 
Joan Muntanyola

4) I've made several trades with Per. 
I'd like to avoid repetition, but I agree 100% with Herman, Pachi and Joan.
Ismo Eriksson

5) A  good trader with great music. It's very nice to trade with him. 
Hai Arts  

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I'm Looking For:

Good quality Dylan boots that I don´t have 
The Band boots 

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Other Artists I Trade:

The Band

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