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Date: Thursday, January 27, 2005
Time: 5:16 PM EST
Name: Phil
e-mail: phil_padilla@yahoo.com
Country: USA
siteURL: http://www.bootlegzone.com/user.php?action=vutrade&userid=16206
ID: xxxxxxxxx (hidden)
feedback?: yes
I trade: CD-r, Video
Trade_Policy: Standard stuff
looking_for: Anything I dont have
Other_artists: Jethro Tull, Queen
found_you: Search Engine


My Trade Policy:

Standard stuff
bobsboots.com note:
Phil's website includes official Sony releases as documentation only.
Members are never permitted to burn, trade, or receive pirated copies of Sony releases.


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1)  Phil was fast to turnaround the trade. He used quality discs, and sent in expertly burnt recordings.
This guy is a pro! His website and online list is among the very best in the  trading community. Highly recommended.
Lissa bobsboots.com

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I'm Looking For:

Anything I dont have

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Other Artists I Trade:

Jethro Tull

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