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*Name:  Rob 
*Country: USA 
*Category: CDR, Vinyl 
*E-mail address bobdylan@ananzi.co.za 
Do you want to receive feedback from others? Yes 
Trade Policy: One for one.  Very flexible with trades.  Email me for details. 
Other artists I trade: David Bromberg, Pink Floyd, Bela Fleck, Blind Melon 
I'm looking for: Almost anything I don't have!  Especially Planet Waves Tour (1974) and Rolling Thunder Revue (1975-1976).  Also, and earlier stuff from 1963-1966. 
Addition 9-19-01:
1) I only trade CDrs, not videos or vinyl 
2) Trading Policy 1 for 1 
3) Not looking for any specific items


My Trade Policy:

CD-r's only
1 for 1


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Feedback for This Trader:

If you have had dealings with this trader,
drop us an email to let us know how it went.

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I'm Looking For:

Nothing specific

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Other Artists I Trade:

David Bromberg
Pink Floyd
Bela Fleck
Blind Melon

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