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Name: Rorie 
Country: USA 
Category: cdr-video 
E-mail address: Gaslighttapes@aol.com 
URL for Trade list: http://members.aol.com/gaslighttapes/TradePage.html 
Do you want to receive feedback from others: yes 
Trade policy: 
Other artistsI trade: 
I'm looking for: a variety ofshows, outtakes 


My Policy:

None Specified


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1) I've conducted several trades with Rorie, and have 
always been satisfied with the outcome.  Rorie is a 
very generous person, and it is clear that he is 
primarily concerned with spreading the music to 
others.  The last time I traded with Rorie, he offered 
to make as many extra discs for me as I'd like; 
although I felt guilty about asking for 10 additional 
discs on top of the 20 we were already trading for, 
Rorie was happy to do it, and I received a package of 
30 amazing discs about 5 days later!  I can't wait to 
do another trade with this guy! 
Justin Robinson 

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I'm Looking For:

A variety of shows, outtakes

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Other Artists I Trade:

No Other

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