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Shawn Slawenwhite
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Name: Shawn Slawenwhite 
e-mail: S.Shawner@gte.net 
Online list: http://www.phishhook.com/lists/Shawn646
Country: USA 
feedback?: yes 
I trade: CD-r 
Trade_Policy: Even trade, Let me know if Sound quality is poor, I will e-mail my trade list. 
looking_for: Bob Dylan shows from 99 to present 
found_you: Link from another site 


My Trade Policy:

Even trade
Let me know if Sound quality is poor
I will e-mail my trade list


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1) I have traded twice with Shawn. Both trades were quick and quality was excellent. 
Tom Favata

2) Shawn is an excellent trader, great shows and mails on time. 
Would trade with him again anytime ...thank you, Shawn!  

3) Shawn's a great trader...excellent communication and quality cd's
Bill Reed

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I'm Looking For:

Bob Dylan shows from 99 to present

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No other

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