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Name: Tim McAllister 
Country: United States of America 
Category: tape, cdr 
E-mail address: MittensOnFire@aol.com 
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Trade Policy: Blanks and postage are fine.  There's no Dylan performance 
that's not worth hearing at least once. 
Other artists I trade: Belle And Sebastian; Sonic Youth; Nirvana; Velvet 
Underground; Syd Barrett; Sex Pistols; Elvis (Presley & Costello) 
I'm looking for: Everything ever by Bob Dylan.


My Trade Policy:

Blanks and postage are fine.
There's no Dylan performance that's not worth hearing at least once.


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1) Tim is a great trader. 
Perfect communication and CD quality.  A pleasure to work with.
Dan Elliott

2)  I traded with Tim awhile back. In fact, He was one of the first to help me get started on my Dylan collection. He was very helpful in getting me going on the right track. The turnaround was excellent as well. Highly recommended!

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I'm Looking For:

Everything ever by Bob Dylan

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Other Artists I Trade:

Belle And Sebastian
Sonic Youth
Velvet Underground
Syd Barrett
Sex Pistols
Elvis (Presley & Costello)

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