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*Name: Ty Raterman
*Country: USA
*Category: (List all that apply tape, cdr, video, or other): CDr 
*E-mail address: raterman@email.unc.edu 
Online trade list URL: www.unc.edu/~raterman/dylan
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Trade Policy: Please see my website

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My Trade Policy:

Please see my website


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1) I have made a couple of trades with Ty. 
He sends top quality stuff, and completes trades very quickly. 
I look forward to making future trades with him. 
Tom Doubles

2) Ty Raterman is a super trader.
One of the best I've had the pleasure of dealing with!
Dave Wilson

3) This trader is timely, trustworthy, and friendly. Recommended.
Chris Elliott

4) I recently conducted my first trade with Ty and am 
very satisfied with the outcome: some real high 
quality performances and great sounding recordings. 
Every step of the process was handled efficiently and 
involved great communication.  I look forward to 
trading with Ty in the future! 
Justin Robinson

5) Ty is a great trader. His recordings are top notch, and he packs and ships like a pro. Recommended!
Harold - bobsboots.com

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