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Uri Raveh

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Name: Uri Raveh 
e-mail: uri.raveh@tiscali.it 
Country: Italy 
ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(hidden) 
feedback?: yes 
I trade: CD-r 
Trade_Policy: Good Communication. 
looking_for: Good sound quality! 
found_you: Search Engine

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2003 


My Trade Policy:

Good Communication


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1)  A wonderful international trader. Great communication, and fast to respond.
Lissa bobsboots.com

2)  Uri is a very pleasant person to trade with , and as he is only a newcomer to bobsboots he did everything I asked him to do, he was quick to respond and post the CDs to me and would reccomend him to other traders. 

3)  I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for setting me up as a trader on bobsboots.com.  I have copied all the traders I have dealt with and want to thank them all again. I have met so many wonderful traders on this site and within a five week period I have been able to get over 40 CD's.  Uri from Italy was great to deal with and I see that he has recently joined up - welcome to a great site, Uri.  Steve (e-mailed to Sheehy) sent me a couple of shows without anything in return, Nick Rogers was good enough to do some B&P, Michel and Daniel (also from Europe) were great to deal as was fellow Canuck, Jonathan Waller and I can't say enough about Chuck Feltch from the US who has helped me with artwork and traded me 20 CD's (more than I sent him).  
Thanx again to the webmaster for all your good work and all the traders I've met. 
Best Regards, 

4) Great trader, perfect quality stuff, good communication, & a kind guy as well... highly recommended :-)!!! 

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I'm Looking For:

Good sound quality! 

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No other

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