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W G Forrest
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Name: W G Forrest
*Country: Canada 
*Category: CDRS, VCDRS,VHS
*E-mail address:  rock@fan4music.com, fan4music@hotmail.com
Online trade list URL : http://www.fan4music.com mirror site http://members.shaw.ca/musicfan 
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Trade Policy: I trade 1 CDR/CDR same with VHS/VHS I will help beginning traders.
I'm looking for: music that I would like to trade with people that enjoy good music
Other artists I trade: See my website http://www.fan4music.com mirror site http://members.shaw.ca/musicfan


My Trade Policy:

I trade 1 CDR/CDR 
same with VHS/VHS 
I will help beginning traders.


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1) I just recently completed a trade with WG Forrrest. 
It took him less than a week to dispatch a whole bunch of CDs to the UK !
- all of which were as good as he'd rated them. 

2) WG provided this newbie with his very first Dylan discs.
Very gracious, and quick. WG. ... I won't forget. Thanks a bunch for getting me started.

3) WG Forrest supplied me (a newbie) with my first Dylan bootlegs.  He was very professional and extremely quick!!  He also responded immediately to all of my emails and questions.  Thanks a lot WG, and good luck in your college finals!!
Michael Segui
4) Another smooth transaction with W G Forrest.  Always a pleasure to deal with, and a true professional.
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I'm Looking For:

music that I would like to trade with people that enjoy good music

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Other Artists I Trade:

See my website

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