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Willem Desmense
The Netherlands

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*Name: Willem Desmense 
*Country: The Netherlands 
*Category: (List all that apply tape, cdr, video, or other) CDR 
*E-mail address:  willem.desmense@wanadoo.nl 
Online trade list URL: none 
Do you want to receive feedback from others? Yes 
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I'm looking for: 
Other artists I trade: Elvis Presley, Beatles, Bonnie 'prince' Billy (a.k.a. 
Palace/Will Oldham) 


My Trade Policy:

None Specified


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1) This was a very nice trade ... Everything was great ... 
Quality of CD's and Shipment, ... is great ... 
I can recommend this trader to other people
Tomas Bos

2) I Had a trade with Willem Desmense 
It was a very fast trade. Recommended!

3) I've traded 10 cds with willem, including some tom 
waits and beck stuff. everything went fine. i had no 
problems at all. e-mails are answered quickly and and 
the discs were shiped very quickly as well...cool trader!
lars hunziker

4) A very accurate, and very fast trader!
It was nice doing business with him. 
I can recommend him.
danny van de velde

5) Good trade...no problems or hassles. All went very smoothly.  Recommended! 
Gary Mathews 

6) Good fast trade, fairly large, excellent quality. 
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Willem 
Mick Burrows

7) Willem is good & fast. Good communication.  Recommended! 
 Herman Tulp

8) Simply an excellent trader... 
Marc Weinreder - The Netherlands
David Bowie and Queen collector 
and many others... 

9) this is a good trader, fast and accurate 
i will recommend him 
danny van de velde

10) I've had one major trade with Willem.
Everything went very well and fast, and he had some good tips for me. Recommended! 
Harrie Arts

11) I have traded with Willem Desmense from Holland.
A very good trader!
Ed Ribbink

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I'm Looking For:

Nothing Specified

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Other Artists I Trade:

Elvis Presley
Bonnie 'prince' Billy (a.k.a. Palace/Will Oldham) 

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