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*Name: christopher 
*Country: norway 
*Category: cd-r 
*E-mail address: supermann1@spray.no 
Trade Policy: i usally go along! 
I'm looking for: bob dylan, tom petty, neil young, jeff beck, van halen,..almost everything! 
Other artists I trade: tom petty, neil young, izzy stradlin, jimi hendrix, van halen, jeff beck, stevie ray vaughan, van morrison, rolling stones, the who, eric clapton, satch, paul gilbert...almost everything!(except nu-metal shit!) 


My Trade Policy:

i usally go along! 


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I'm Looking For:

bob dylan
tom petty
neil young
jeff beck
van halen
almost everything

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Other Artists I Trade:

tom petty
neil young
izzy stradlin
jimi hendrix
van halen
jeff beck
stevie ray vaughan
van morrison
rolling stones
the who
eric clapton
paul gilbert
almost everything! (except nu-metal shit!)

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