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Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2005
Time: 10:27 AM EST
Subject: joining as a new trader
Name: newscasters
e-mail: newscasters@skynet.be
Country: Belgium

ID: xxxxxxxxxx (hidden)
feedback?: yes
I trade: CD-r, Video
Trade_Policy: Only DAO, best quality CD-R's, no MP3 please
looking_for: Bob Dylan
Other_artists: Van Morisson, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Joni Mitchell, a.o.
found_you: Friend gave me link


My Trade Policy:

Only DAO
best quality CD-R's
no MP3 please


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1)  Good trader. newscasters was fast to  ship, however, our selection was burnt TAO

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I'm Looking For:

Bob Dylan

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Other Artists I Trade:

Van Morisson
The Beatles
Beach Boys
Joni Mitchell

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