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Our Policy:

1) Trades are 1 for 1, of course. 
2) Only use CDRs that you would use for your personal use. 
3) Be sure to use 80min CDRs for discs that will not fit on a 74 min CD.  Do 
not cut any songs to fit on a 74 min CD. 
4) Check all discs before they are sent off to make sure there are no 
scratches on the disc and that all the tracks were burned, this again helps 
us both. 
5) Burn at DISC-AT-ONCE.  If you do not know what this means, let me know 
and I'll explain. 
6) No artwork is traded, but track lists are preferred. 
7) Do not mail jewel cases.  They are bulky, expensive, and run up postal 
8) No B&P or 2:1 trades are accepted. 


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Feedback for This Trader:

If you have had dealings with this trader,
drop us an email to let us know how it went.

1) After viewing the website, i emailed Roving Blade to see 
if They'd be willing to do a b+p on one of the shows (dylan 5/8/96 in 
columbus).  They were willing, & i mailed my blanks & postage.  Within a week 
i had the show.  it's a great show, a quality recording, and more to the 
point, an excellent job of burning it!!  i emailed to let them know how 
much i appreciated it, but i wanted to let others know of my good experience 
with The Roving Blade. 
jim douthitt

2) Just wanted to give some praise for The Roving Blade.
Made deal for a copy of a VCD of 4/20/80. 
This guy is great!  Great communication, fair, honest, and a credit to Dylan 
traders!  BTW, the VCD played great in my DVD player, 
and I couldn't be happier with the deal! 
David Staley

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I'm Looking For:

The rarer the better.  Large trades welcome.

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