Warning: bobsboots.com does not tolerate piracy 
of officially released (Sony/CBS) material.
Any trader offering to copy and trade officially released 
material will be permanently removed from our site.
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How Do I Join?


Preliminary Requirements:

A) To begin with, it is a requirement that you are able to burn CD-rs, and mail them out to potential traders. We verify this fact by asking that your initial trade be with a bobsboots.com associate or member of our choice. In exchange for your trade, we will create and host your Trader web page.

B) If you are a newbie, and have no items to trade, there are many, many traders that are willing to help out by doing a b&p. This stands for blanks and postage. In effect, you send the trader the number of blank discs that they request, and a self addressed envelope prepaid with sufficient postage to return the discs to you. Due to the high profile of bobsboots.com, and the content of our site, and the divergent and sometimes conflicting laws of various countries; we do not burn CD-r's, nor sell, nor trade discs with any entity. The traders represented on our pages agree with our legal and moral stance that there will be no burning, recording, trading, uploading, downloading and/or file sharing of any legitimate label (i.e. Sony, CBS, Legacy, Warner Bros., etc.) Material. Unauthorized bootleg CDs do not fall under this protection.

Read the below info on this page first. It will describe in detail how the club works.
And/ or you might choose to view the abbreviated list of requirements, if you have read this page before. 
Once your initial trade is complete, you will receive a code via email. 
At that time, you are welcome to fill out the online Trader Application
Before filling out the application form however, it would be a good idea to read the instructions.

There is no fee for joining the trade club, though we ask a one time donation of $5 USD from those that can afford it.  Our ever growing bandwidth is costing us far more than we can otherwise appropriate. This small donation will ensure you a lifetime membership, as well as creation, constant maintenance and upkeep of your personal trade page. We will never ask you to make the donation in correspondence or at the creation of your page. As it is voluntarily made, you decide if and when you make it.  Joining as a trader is VERY rewarding! (just look at the number and diversity of traders) The only other things that you have to do is to remain a fair and honest trader, and make one initial trade with a bobsboots.com member or associate of our choice. The reasons for this are as follows:

It is our number one priority to protect our traders.
1) We want to determine that you do in fact have material to trade.
2) We want to determine that you are indeed able to burn this material to CD-r in a manner
that is suitable to the majority of our traders.
3) We want to determine that you are willing and able to mail out the items in a proper and timely manner

If you are a complete newbie to trading, and don't have any item to trade, don't worry. We'll help you, and work with you to quickly become an expert trader. All you need to have is honesty.
Send us an email by clicking here
If the above link won't work for you, follow the instructions in the colored box on the right. We will email you on how to get started
e-mail for you to copy and paste (Or.. feel free to write your own)
Dear bobsboots.com I'm interested in joining as a trader, but I'm a newbie and have no (or very few) items to trade. I'm able to burn copies to CD-r, and will be a good, honest trader once I start getting titles. Please tell me how I can join.
(your name)
If the link at left doesn't work, email the above request here


It is a very expensive undertaking for us to offer this service on a site such as this for the modest amount requested. If you would ever like to make a monetary donation to help us continue, you will find links throughout the site to do so. HOWEVER... you will never again be asked to donate. You will never be expected to do so. In fact, you'll never see it mentioned again anywhere on the site, unless you click a Donate link. This is your free site, and there is never a charge for using it. If you are ever contacted by anyone asking for money for bobsboots.com please report them to us immediately! We DO NOT actively solicit funds in any way.

The only other thing to do is to keep your word, and be an honest trader.
If you agree to a trade, follow through with it at all cost.
Your word is your reputation as a trader
All trades are handled between the traders themselves
Traders make their own rules.

If you agree to a trade in exchange for us creating and maintaining your web page, here's how it works:


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How it works:
1) You agree to supply the associate or member whose name and address we supply to you with 2 (or more if the title requires) properly recorded discs (1 or 2 complete shows) of our choice See our requirements
We will choose a title (usually only 1) from your list CLICK here to begin.
2) You burn the requested show, and send it to the snail address that we will supply
Once received, you will be sent a bobsboots.com ID code via e-mail.
You will also be directed to a members only page where you may choose to make a one time donation of $5 USD. This small fee will ensure you a lifetime membership, as well as creation, constant maintenance and upkeep of your personal trade page. Donations can be made online (credit card, paypal) or mailed as cash, check, US money or foreign order, etc. We accept all world currencies as well as checks drawn of foreign accounts to make things as easy as possible for you to pay. You will not be penalized in any way should you decide not to donate, or are not in a financial situation that allows you to donate.

4) Fill out the online application  using the bobsboots.com ID code that you will receive via e-mail
5) Your page will be added within 48 hours.
The entire process takes about a week or two depending on the part of the world in which you reside, and how quickly you create and mail your initial trade item.

IMPORTANT!!!!! You must put a valid ID code and email address on the application form! Double check it for accuracy.

6) The addresses that we supply for your initial trade are most offen in the USA or the UK. Even if you choose not to trade with the USA and/or the UK as a policy,  you still need to send the initial trade to fulfill your membership requirement to any world-wide address that we supply.
7) If you maintain good trader status for one year,  you will be a candidate for gold member status. This allows you to place the gold star icon on your trade page, and gives all potential traders the confidence of dealing with a proven good trader with a spotless track record.

Fill out application
Application instructions
 Initial trade



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Please note that these requirements are only for your initial trade in exchange for creating and maintaining
trader page. Each trader has their own requirements that can be found on their individual trade page. 
Our requirements:
(We'll include these in our email to you as well)
If you have an online list, we'll choose from it; and then contact you.
If not, e-mail us your list in ASCII format (copy and paste it into the email)  - Not as an attachment.
We are only interested in Bob Dylan. No other artist in your collection need be included.
Please use good quality, brand-name discs
Record disc at once (DAO)
No MP-3 sourced discs (We prefer a known, commercially released boot CD disc source)
Don't write on discs
Don't include art work
Check recording to verify that there are no mistakes.
Send disc in some form of protection. (a paper sleeve is best). Don't write on sleeve.
Include a separate slip of paper inside the sleeve with venue name, date, and commercial title if any
Track list is optional, but not necessary
Plastic Jewel case is unnecessary, bulky, and adds to cost of postage
Even if you only have a few titles, we'll try to choose from them. As we use some of these titles to help others,
it doesn't matter if we receive duplicate shows.


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Unconfirmed trader

We no longer use this method of identification.
All traders potential trading abilities will be confirmed
by bobsboots.com before they are invited to join.

Report any trader who still has an "unconfirmed" status on their page


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