Daily Updates

Platinum Trader Status
These traders have been elected to Platinum status by their fellow traders.
To become a platinum award trader, a trader can have no complaints registered against them.
Each platinum award trader has received a minimum of 10 positive feedback responses, 
with at least half of those coming from registered bobsboots.com traders.

bobsboots.com congratulates our Platinum Award Traders:

Billy Edmaiston
Herman Tulp
Jean Schrijen

Willem Desmense

Platinum award traders are welcome to copy and paste any of the following icons
for inclusion on their website, trade page, and/or printed or formatted trade list.
The icon(s) may be linked to trader's page, or to any page on the bobsboots.com site

No one is authorized to place an unearned icon on their web page
Violators will be disciplined up to and including loss of membership and/or blacklisting


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