Safe Trader Rules:
Prepared and presented by

Now that you have listed your trade page, you will be contacted by traders.
Beware of scammers!
The safest way to trade is to follow these safe trader guideline rules:

1) You make the first contact, using the trade pages at

2) If a trader contacts you, trade only with a trader listed on
Ask the trader for a link to their trade page. To further prevent fraud, make sure that they are e-mailing you from the same address that is listed on their trade page.

3) There could be good traders out there that are not listed with but ask yourself this: " If they are reading the bobsboots traders section every day... why aren't they listed with us?  Send the trader a link to this page, or copy and paste it into an e-mail to them. Tell them that you would love to trade, but in accordance with safe trader rules, you ask only that they complete their end of the trade first. (Because you are a listed member, your trader is protected against fraud on your part. stands behind you, and will complete the trade if you fail to do so. If your trader then refuses to complete their side of the trade first... assume that they are out to defraud you. There are thousands of scammers out there. That is why we exist... To protect the good traders.

4) Remember... There are NOT many good reasons why a good trader would choose not to be a member of But there could be reasons. However, since even a non-member is protected when trading with one of our members, There IS NO REASON WHAT-SO-EVER for a non-member to refuse to complete their end of the trade first. REMEMBER: You will not be protected by if a non-member fails to complete a trade with you.

Happy (SAFE) trading,