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Any trader offering to copy and trade officially released material will be permanently removed from our site.


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There's a great new Dylan photo cube CD tray in the store

Warning to CD-r collectors:

Trader Ted Whitten warns about the defective tray style pictured here that is destroying his discs.
The '2 CD' Cases are sold by CompUSA. Click the tray to learn more from Ted. 

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I just made a trade, and I want to leave a feedback for the trader 

Feedback is a great way for traders to build a good reputation within the community.
Be sure to leave feedback whenever you make a trade.

You do not have to be a bobsboots listed trader to leave feedback.
If you do have a trader page, let us know your trader name. That way, we can link your comments to your trade page. If you don't have a trade page, or fail to inform us, we will link your comments to your email address. This is simply so other traders can get in touch with you, if needed. We will not post 'anonymous' comments, but if you are leery about your comment being linked to your page, let us know. We will keep the link info on you, but won't 'turn the link on'.

All you have to do is to tell us the trader's name, and write your comments about the trade in an e-mail to us.
However, it would help us out if you would go to the trader's page, and copy the URL in the locator window (the place where you type where you want to go on the internet. It will begin with "http"). If you can send this in the email, it makes our work a little easier.
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Here are some other websites that might be helpful to traders:

Visit the CDR artwork link website

Post trader messages at Dylantree.com

The Polygizmo Web J-Card created by Richard Batey & Joe Cliburn allows
the user to custom make their own simple CD jewel or norelco box cassette cover
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This is my first time to visit the traders section on your site.

Welcome! Here are some FAQ's that may be of help to you.
If you have further questions, feel free to e-mail them to us.

Q: Can I trade with bobsboots.com?
A: No. We are not traders, distributors, or trees for any item.
After your initial trade, you must deal directly with our members for all trading.
We are only a reference library to use to check to compare the various commercial Dylan boots in existence. 
We also host the pages of individuals who do trade.

Q: Why do you only list commercial boots?
A: Many Reasons. A commercial boot is guaranteed to have the same sonic and aesthetic qualities as are listed on our pages from one disc to the next. Since they are all glass mastered at the same time from the same press, and the covers printed in a similar fashion, you are guaranteed to get what you bargain for with a commercial boot. This is not true with a CD-r. 
Intentional Alteration
The artwork should be obvious. It simply cannot be reproduced in commercial quality. What's less obvious is the fact that the CD-r sound quality might be far from that of a commercial release. There are, again, several reasons for this. While it is true that a CD-r has no appreciative sonic loss from that of it's source, there are more things to consider. The fact is, CD-r's are created (or burnt) one at a time. Each time one is burnt, there is the possibility of alteration. Firstly, you have to consider intentional alteration. There are many, many traders who get tapes or CD-rs, and have the ability and means to EQ them. (EQ refers to altering individual frequency bands of the music to create a different sound). Far from being malicious, the trader is changing the music to enhance it to his taste. It might be to add a little bass, or it might be to remove a touch of white noise (tape hiss). The problem is, what sounds perfect to him, might not be to your liking at all. Even if you don't alter the sound, what about the person who passed on the CD-r to you? and before them? Truth is, you have no way of knowing how many times that the CD-r you are listening to has been changed from the original source.
Original Source - Read This, and Help Reform All Future Trades-
Speaking of original source, that's the next thing to consider. There is rarely only one original source for a particular venue. The original source refers to the actual tape made of the event. There could be two, three, four, or ten individuals who made an original tape. All will be slightly (or vastly) different from one another. Which one are you listening to? There is no way of knowing. Bobsboots has long been an advocate of reformation in this area. It would be a simple thing to correct. If (and only if) the source is a glass master, the CD-r should go by the name of that particular commercial boot. If not, the original taper could name his tape (using his name, nickname, etc.). Let's  assume his nickname for the 1999 Tramps show is "Babyface". The tape should circulate as "7/26/99 babyface". Down the road, if "JoJo" re-EQ's the tape, the resultant tape should circulate as "7/26/99 babyface/JoJo". With this simple chain of documentation that could be put into place immediately, all of the guess work and cross comparison could be eliminated. Everyone would always know exactly what they have; and always have a basis to compare to. While far beyond the scope of bobsboots, a web site could then easily be created to document the various recordings.
Intentional Damage
There are traders that are more concerned with cost and availability of blank discs than they are with true and accurate reproduction of the material. This can lead to faulty recordings, and songs that have been edited or cut to accommodate a shorter CD-r length. Many traders like to put additional items on the disc, such as the artwork for the set. It's easy to see, albeit a difficult thing to comprehend, that in this world that we live in today, there is also that element that receives a thrill from introducing a more harmful addition, such as a virus.
Unintentional Damage
On top of all of the above variables, there is the problem of unintentional damage. This could be from an inexperienced trader recording track at once (this leaves a gap between the songs), or it could be digital transfer noise that, at times, can happen to anyone. As most people use computers to create their discs, there is also the possibility of unintentional virus infection. Where did the problem come from? The trader who sent the CD-r? The one before her? The one before him? More often than not, there is no way of knowing.
Too Many Discs
Now we come to the biggest reason as to why we don't include CD-rs. With the advent of the easily affordable CD/RW, anyone with a PC or MAC can now be a manufacturer. There are multiple millions of small quantity fan projects that would be an absolute impossibility to document. These recordings are tantamount to home cassette recordings. There is not, nor will there ever be, a monetary value attached to them.
Question Conclusion
This is by no means a diatribe against CD-r recording or trading. We are simply answering as to why it cannot be documented. And,... while we enthusiastically endorse CD-r recordings, we absolutely detest pirate recordings; and discourage all traders from this harmful practice. No true fan of an artist will ever create or trade a pirated recording. 

Q: Do I need to join to trade?
A: No. A non-member may contact any trader at any time.

Q: Then why should I join?
A: There are a lot of bad traders out there. The best, most honest traders flock to bobsboots. If a trader is willing to post their page on our site, you can feel confident that they will not rip you off. Any trader, member or not, who complains about a trader listed on bobsboots will get an immediate response. We will investigate, and mediate. If the trader is found to be dishonest in the trade, he will receive a warning notice on his page to be wary of him. If a trader receives more than 1 complaint, she might be removed entirely from the traders section, and placed on the permanent Bad Trader list. Conversely, if you contact one of our traders out of the blue, they will know nothing about you. To be able to tell them that you are a member at bobsboots will give them confidence that you are a good trader.

Q: How do I know that I can trust a trader who is not listed with bobsboots.com?
A: This question is answered in detail on the Safe Trader page.  Click here to read. Simply close the new window when you are through reading. You will not loose this page.

Q: How are trades done?
A: Each trade is handled one on one, on an individual basis, with you and the trader. Each trader makes their own rules. We have no rules or guidelines that a trader must follow, other than honesty. If you don't like a particular trader's rules, find another. There are hundreds!

Q: OK! so how do I get started. I want to make a trade!
A: Go to the Trader's Index. From there, click the button of the medium that you desire to trade (CD-r, cassette, etc.). Click the link for the country with which you would like to trade. Under the country, you will find the list of names of the individual members from that country. Choose a name, and you will link to that individual's page. From there, you can read the traders rules, find out how to get their trade list, find their e-mail address, etc. You contact them via their e-mail link, and between the two of you; set up a private trade. 
PS NOTE: To contact a trader, use the "e-mail me" link in the center of their page. Do not use the "webmaster" link at the top right header of the page, as that is for e-mailing the webmaster. If you get an auto response from the webmaster, you've used the wrong link!

Q: Sounds great! I want to join as a trader! How much does it cost? How do I do it?
A: There is no charge. To join click here.
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Can I add a Link for a particular title that I'm looking for to my Wants List?


And it's simple to do. If there is a particular title featured on bobsboots that you would like to own, go to that title. Copy the URL in the locator window (the place where you type where you want to go on the internet. It will begin with "http"). Copy it and paste it into an e-mail to us. Tell us your trader name, and ask us to add this title to your want list. You can list the title as well, if you would like, so that we will have a double confirmation of the target item...  but all we need is the URL. You may link to as many titles or items as you want using this method. Let us know when you are no longer searching for a title, and we'll remove the link for you. Remember, every request is done with a simple, plain english email to the webmaster.
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Change of email address:


It is vital that you inform us of any change in your email address!

If you have changed emails, and failed to inform us, you could lose your trade page!

If a trade page is lost due to a non working email and URL address, it cannot be reestablished.

To rejoin in the future, you must join as a new member. All previous membership status will be lost.
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How do I make changes to my trade page?

As with the way you submitted your original form, everything is done with an e-mail to the webmaster. If you joined after March 2001, the original form that you submitted is hidden on your Traders page. To view the form, point your mouse under (not on) the 'Other Artists' Link on your page. While holding down a click, drag your mouse down the page a few inches. The form will be revealed. You can copy the form and resubmit changes as often as you wish. Please only submit the changed information, and not the entire form. You will get an auto response to insure that your change has arrived to us. You will get another response (usually within 24 hours) when your changes are online. Be sure to tell us your trader name rather than your proper name, as that is how we know you. There is no need to copy the information from your page if you don't want to.  Simply send us an e-mail to tell us what changes you want. It's all very informal. If you make a mistake, send it again. You can change info as often as you desire.
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Would you like to remove your page from our site?

We hate to see you go! Feel free to come back at anytime.

If you are a new trader, there will be a two week wait for removal so that members can have pending trade notice.

To remove your page, read from the three choices below, then follow the instructions.

You have three choices for removing your page.

This leaves your page, and the links to it intact, but removes the email and URL link to you. Patrons will just get a brief message
that you are not trading at this time. You can then add your email link back to your page at any point in the future. With this 
option, you can then choose one of the below options in the future as well, by sending us another email.

This removes your name from the list of traders, and all other links to your page; so that no one is able to find it. Your page 
becomes 'hidden' from site patrons, but remains on the web. You can then use your page privately, if you desire, with the URL 
that we will send you. Only those whom you choose to email the URL to will have access to it. Even though it is private, we will still update the page for you at any point. You can add your name back to the list at any point in the future, and your page will 
again be viewable. You can also choose to remove the page entirely at any point in the future.

This is the "FULL DELETE" option. This removes not only your name and links to it, but your page as well. No information will be retained on you. This option is a complete deletion, and is a non reversible removal of your page. To join again in the future, you must resubmit all info as you did originally. You will lose all membership status standings, and will start out as a new member upon rejoining.

To be removed, you must email us from the address that is linked on your Trader Page. (Don't email from a friend's address or 
a second email address that you might have). Click the appropriate link below to send an email. If you can't use the link, copy and paste one of the below messages in an e-mail to the webmaster. (BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT ONE!!!!). Copy everything in the box, including the header. Fill in your trader name as it appears at the top of your trade page. For the subject of the email, use the appropriate header: EMAIL, LINK, or PAGE REMOVE. If the links below work for you, email will create automatically
Click here for e-mail remove
If this link doesn't work, copy and paste the following. Click below to email it. 
My Trader name is: (name)
Dear Webmaster: Thank you for hosting my page, but I can't trade at this time Please delete the email and onlinelist links from my page, so that traders will temporarily not be able to contact me. I'll resend you an email addres when I am ready to trade again. 
Thank you, (name)
e-mail only above instruction here
Click here for link remove
If this link doesn't work, copy and paste the following. Click below to email it.
My Trader name is: (name)
Dear Webmaster: Thank you for hosting my page, but I no longer desire for traders that are unknown to me to find it. Please delete the index link to my page, and send me the URL so that I can use the page privately.
Thank you, (name)

e-mail only above instruction here
Click here for page remove
If this link doesn't work, copy and paste the following. Click below to email it.
My Trader name is: (name)
Dear Webmaster: Thank you for hosting my page, but I no longer desire it to be on the internet. Please delete my entire page. I understand that I will have to submit all new information to you to be able to rejoin, and will lose member status.
Thank you, (name)
e-mail only above instruction here
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