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My Policy:

I can make analogue cassettes of my limited inventory, but most of 
all I am looking to expand my collection.  I am more than willing to "snail 
mail" mail quality CDRs with the return enclosed postage.  Once my collection 
grows, I am more than willing to share with other aficionados.  I have no 
desire to profit, only to share in the rich experience of the music.  When 
you are a writer such as myself, music is often the only friend on nights 
when its just me & the keyboard trying to make sense out of a world that @ 
times seems senseless. 


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Feedback for This Trader:

If you have had dealings with this trader,
drop us an email to let us know how it went.

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I'm Looking For:

I am looking for the Genuine Basement Tapes Volumes 1 through 5, and the best 
recording of the Rolling Thunder Revue circa 1975 (first tour).  I am also 
looking for the Toronto show (possible CBS live album that was nixed) from 
the so-called Christian period. 

An aside -- 
Like many a Dylan aficionado, I was first sucked in by the 
electric trilogy of the mid-60s and the '75 Blood on the Tracks era, but 
through the past 20 years of listening to Dylan's music, I have become 
enamored with all phases of his oeuvre.  Along with the Velvet 
Underground and Lou Reed and Neil Young and Pet Sounds era Brian Wilson, I 
believe Dylan has become a modern Gershwin or Irving Berlin in terms of the 
sheer depth and quality of his work, hence the desire to join the traders 
list and enhance my collection as well as share my appreciation of this art 
with other like minded individuals. 

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