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My Trade Policy:

For Tape Trades:
These basic rules are what I will do for you. I would like the same in return.**
Maxell XLII or Maxell XLII-S preferred.(Virgin tapes.)
Please no High Speed Dubbing, no Dolby, no auto-reverse.
Please unpack tapes. ( ff then rew.)
Please no recycled tapes
First Class(4 tapes) or Prioity Mail(6+ tapes) is how I send them out, well wrapped & protected.
I like to send just tapes. J-cards, your call. Set lists on seperate sheet of paper.
                             Please be honest. It’s the best policy.
        Nothing is written in stone. I will check for major flaws, note what's missing & note cuts.
I like to trade tapes. I like to trade good tapes and receive good tapes. I am somewhat picky
but not anal about this. Some of the music we trade is 40+ yrs old, its going to have some flaws.
It’s a hobby, it’s not work. It’s fun to share the music and smile, smile, smile.


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Feedback for This Trader:
If you have had dealings with this trader,
drop us an email to let us know how it went.

1) One of the first traders to help me. He went out of his way to make
everything easy for me. Thank you again.
Neal Bradbury 

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I'm Looking For:

Any Bob Dylan: live, studio out-takes, & rehearsals

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Other Artists I Trade:
Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia projects
Robert Hunter
The Band 
Neil Young

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